This might be the first in a series, I will see, but the reason for this post is that I have a need to connect two properties in the mountains of Greece that aren’t exactly line of sight but it’s pretty darn close. You can see one house from the others through the trees but it seems that there isn’t enough clearance to actually punch through with traditional WiFi solutions. I’ve tried classic WiFi bridges from TP-Link and Ubiquiti but even with 16dB of gain they can’t get through those darned oak trees.

What was I to do? I considered going back to my satellite days and using some old L-Band satellite modems and punching a powerful signal through the trees, but old modems aren’t a bargain and the electronics to do that might get complicated because it would need high-speed serial connectivity not seen on more recent routers.

Then I remembered that there were some new standards for Sub-1GHz WiFi a few years ago, but I haven’t seen them in consumer products yet. Where are Super-WiFi and HaLow WiFi? Well, it looks like SuperWiFi hasn’t gone far and it’s more targeted as a competitor to 4G? But HaLow is a consumer standard and it looks like there are modules and chipsets for it.

These are two modules with evaluation kits, the first one has a EVK available from an electronics supply company and the second one seems to be nowhere.

Cue my search around the web for something that would be more suitable…. and arriving at Alibaba. There were also modules there but with no documentation and no information on them, its more risky. But… then I found a company selling an 802.11ah module for $12-14 which looks like a router/bridge and that’s exactly what I am after! There is still no information on that product other than pictures and generic data, and the company appears no where on the web. But…. if that’s actually an 802.11ah module then I want it and it’s cheap enough for me to give it a chance. I ordered samples which only cost $10 each plus delivery (which doubled the cost) and we will see what arrives. 

If they work then it could be very cool and a worthwhile product to have. I will test it with some antennas I already have and then eventually put some little yagi antennas for extra directionality.