This June there will be local government and European Parliament elections in the UK, this will occupy many peoples minds and for the first time it will challenge me personally. Mainly because it looks like for the first time ever: I will be voting.Yes, I am twenty nine years old and I have not yet voted. Personally I have always disliked the idea and these are my reasons:

1) After college I read Plato, and to distill what I took from that:

  • Those who have the desire to lead are those least suited to lead.
  • Power corrupts all leadership

2) The majority of political communication is about telling me how bad their lead opposition is:

  •  Just look at the rubbish that arrives through my mail box

3) I suffer from a great deal of apathy towards the process:

  • The politicians don’t seem to have much in the way of ideals
  • They are basically all the same
  • Those that are different are worth despising1.
  • There are a majority of idiots in this world, so my vote is unlikely to help

This year I will try voting, see where it gets me and if it doesn’t go my way I can without guilt walk away from the process for another decade. Basically I am going to put some effort in over the next month to decide what direction I can go in. I don’t know which direction I will vote yet, my vote has yet to be decided. If any politicians from Epsom and Ewell would care to suggest why I should vote for them then I welcome their input. I might even answer the door if someone comes knocking. I really want to know what all the fuss is about. They are all working within the constraints of the system and just trying to keep their jobs in the end. I do admire a few people in politics, namely my father and Angel’s uncle, because they seem to do it because they want to help. My father didn’t follow any party and just set up with friends to change Dover Council and I think he did.

In addition, if anyone else can make a suggestion here as to what direction I should take I am open to rational argument. But I am a scientific individual, so I want facts and reasoned judgment

The lines are open, please make your comments heard.

Note 1: Every time I see a UKIP promotion it makes me feel sick. We are a part of Europe and we have been a critical part of Europe for 2000 years. The idea of independence from that process not only frightens me but also goes entirely against my philosophy. I believe we should have tighter integration, I think that Epsom is part of Surrey, is part of England, is part of GB&NI, is part of the British Isles, is part of Europe, is part of the world. The UK should be answerable to Europe and the world. I am also sure (although I have only circumstantial evidence) that there are many supporters of UKIP who share more left wing views and possibly supporting much more undeserving groups like the National Front and BNP.

Edit: (11th May 2009)

On Twitter, the great Stephen Fry has linked a “dating site for voters”: and if this does what I hope it does, it might help my dilemma! Now, if only the site would work…

Edit: (4th June 2009)

Today I received an email saying that it was polling day from, excellent service. I actually voted by post to save effort but it is nice to know I am being counted from today. The worst thing about the campaigning that I have seen is the constant slating of the opposition by the candidates. I don’t want you to tell me what is so bad about the opposition, I want you to tell me what is good about you!

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